Geeky is Queen (Or King?)

   Um, I don’t think most people know this, but in order to be absolutely BOSS, you need to be geeky. Not the people who are always like this: “Oh Mi Gosh! I love trading cards and medieval aliens!” But the people who are not obsessed with the stupid stuff. Like coolness. If your geeky, you’ve got the cool down. Definitely. So, that is one less thing to think about. Yes.

   So, if you are not geeky, LEAVE or become geeky. Seriously. Geeks are cool, you know? You should know now, though. DON’T LET PEOPLE JUDGE YOU! Geeky is awesome, no matter what. Oh- and if people judge other people about stuff, they aren’t geeky in my book, Ooh… I love books…

          Geeky Chic Glasses

By Geeky Chic Glasses

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