A Bunch of Geeky Announcements #1

   These are my announcements for the week of… this week.

   I am just started with this blog (I started it yesterday) so I have a lot of stuff I am going to post in the future. Although my drawing and writing skills are terrible, I am going to draw and write a bunch of geeky stuff for you guys. 

    I hope you guys saw the Geek VS Nerd pictures displayed in order at the top of the page. I am currently unaware of who the creator of these cartoons are, but I will post them as soon as I find the person. That is a good subject, though. Geeks VS Nerds… APOCALYPSE!

   Coming back to the topic of me posting new things… At the top of my head I can think of posting geeky facts, Geeks VS Nerd related things, and pictures I draw of geeky things. I say the word Geek to much on this blog. :/

          Geeky Chic Glasses

By Geeky Chic Glasses

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